March 14, 2009


Yipeeeeee!!!!! I am finally writing my blog. After months of creating a profile and then just not getting the inspiration to start writing, here I am. I wanted to create a blog so that I can have a place where I can express and share my thoughts with everyone around who does want to read about it. Writing for me is a way of putting down all my thoughts. I always wanted to maintain a dairy, I would always start to write at the start of the year and somewhere in time, I would just forget abt it. This time around, I don't want to do the same thing and this time all you guys are my audience. This time I have people who have really inspired me to get into blogging. They know who they are so no free publicity for them here.
I will try to make it as much fun to read for everyone as possible. But then in the end, it is still my thought process which is getting painted on this canvas. All the genuine critics are welcome here. So now enough of all this bhashan. Lets leave it to your good old netas. I will just get back to being a blogger.
Good luck Reading!!!!

P.S.: All the contents on this blog are only my personal opinion.

P.S.: All English language teachers, pardon the not so perfect English of this blog. Just take it as a fun thing to read and do keep ur radars off here!!!

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