June 30, 2009

Battle between Love Marriage & Arrange Marriage

So I am going to try and talk about the eternally ranging battle in society, Love vs. Arrange Marriage. Which one is better for today’s time? Why do people prefer one to another? Why does one method work for a person and other for another person? I always have had long arguments and discussions with friends over the way I feel works for me. But today I am going to try to keep a neutral opinion and talk about this.

With whom we want to spend our life with should be an individual choice. Family, society and the world at large come much later in the picture. It is the two individuals you decide it because it is their life; how they choose to get married is their choice. Love is a beautiful feeling. They say when one is truly in love, the whole world seems beautiful to you. I remember the old songs where when two individuals fall in love, the birds start chirping, streams start making music and there is happiness all around. If love is such a beautiful feeling then finding the person you love is the most beautiful journey you can take in your life. When two people meet, it is not always love at first sight. People meet as friends, get to know each other, spend time with each other and this way know if they are right for each other. In Love marriage you always have the time to get to know the person; the real person. When people meet for arrange marriage arrangement, they always know this that they have to make a good impression. It is all love-dovey, hunky-dorry in the start. Whereas when you are in a relationship before marriage, you get to see the good and the bad side of the individual. You know each other on a more intimate level; you are aware of the likes and dislikes of that individual. This would mean fewer surprises after marriage. The more time you spend with someone the more you get to know that person. Love marriage is all about the decision of an individual; there are no parents or relatives involved; they come into picture at later stage of the relationship. You are making decisions about your own life, as two grown-up individuals should do. There are no chachis and mamis trying to convince you for some random guy they feel is so very well suited for you. When you are in a relationship, you get to know each other’s deepest, darkest secrets and come to accept each other the way we are. You are responsible for your own actions, of the choices we make and if God-forbid things go wrong in a relationship then only you are to be blamed. You would not be saying to someone else that you choose that guy or girl for me and see where I have ended. Before your relationship ends in a love marriage, you have the dating and courtship period. The time when you and I are the only two people who exists in the world. The person you are marrying is no stranger for you; you actually have got time to know him/her before you two decide on getting married.

Arrange Marriage, just the thought of it send shudders down the spine of a lot of people. The idea of marrying a total stranger is completely alien in the western world but in India it seems to work. My parents had a typical arrange marriage and after so many years of marriage they are still going strong. There must be something in the arrange marriage that makes it tick. People must not be fool to go for an arrange marriage; they would be having a belief in this system which makes them choose it for finding their life partner. India is a collective system and not an individualistic system. Here people are attached to their family, friends and society. So when the decision of marriage takes place, people look for consensus from all direction before taking the plunge. When you get married in India, you just don’t marry a person, you marry the family, relatives and the society that individual lives in. So when an arrange marriage takes place, it is perceived as a joint consensus from all the spheres of an individual’s life. Arrange Marriage is backed by the society; you have a strong family support; you are not on your own here. Society & family aside, if we look at Arrange Marriage from an individual point of view then also you can see good points in it. The idea of starting a life journey together with a person where you both are in the process of knowing each other, learning about each other and in the process falling in love; is divine. In India when you get married, you just don’t marry the person but the whole family. You have to not only mould your self to the life of the partner but also that of his or her family. Arrange Marriages normally take place between people of the same cast and religion. The husband and wife are aware of each other’s customs and traditions and adjusting to it is easier. Arrange Marriage take place with the consensus of the family and society, so there is more acceptance of this kind of marriage in an Indian society.

So done with all the goody-goody points of both Love and Arrange Marriage; now for some bashing. Love Marriage when taken place without the consensus of family, can lead to unhappiness in the long run. You don’t have a family to support you during tough times and to share your happiness in good times. Even if the marriage takes place with the consent of parents, there can be clashes due to couple coming from different cultures. The belief systems with which they both are brought up with are different. They might differ in opinions on food habits, religious beliefs or what value system to impart in kids. Now lets talk about Arrange Marriage. Arrange Marriages are fixed through families; the couple actually get less time to get to know each other. Even if they do spend time with each other what is the guarantee that you will truly know the real person. No one wants to show the bad side of him or her. In today’s times, with individuals getting more and more independent, the idea of Arrange marriage seems a little old fashioned.

Marriage is the union of two souls. It is a beautiful commitment that two people make to spend the rest of their life together; to be with each other in sickness and health; happiness and sorrow. Whichever way one chooses to marry, we just have to know that there is someone out there that God has chosen for us and he will lead us to him. The path he chooses for us all may be different but the destination is the same; to finding our soul mate.

June 25, 2009

Horse Riding Camp

I bet the title itself has given shock to a lot of people around. Someone must have definitely said, is this female mad or what!!! I got a reaction from a friend saying were you not scared to get on the horse. I just said that horses are one of the most gentle creatures. Like anyone of us, give them love and they will give you back the same. I have always wanted to do Horse riding so when we got the opportunity I decided that this is it. I decided to seize the day, not let go of this chance. A lot of times I have just let go of a chance to do things like this. Every time I said to myself, next time we will definitely do it. I would come up with reasons for not doing it. That a beauty of human beings, we can come up with thousands reasons not to do something and these reasons can be as silly as oh!! I can't get up in the morning or stupid thoughts like what if I break while I am on the horse or something else. But then these are just reasons; I have come to a conclusion that if we really want to do something then we will find ways to do it. I remember this dialogue from Swades, "Jaha chah ho waha raha nikal hi aati hai", which is as simple as saying in English "Where there is a will, there is a way'".
Back to the riding camp, the camp is for 10 days starting today. It is everyday in the morning from 6.00 a.m. - 6.30 a.m. at the Mahalaxmi Race Course. No-No, we don't run amok on the race course, we have a proper riding school which trains us so that later we can run on the race course. On the first day, the lesson were basic like how to get on the horse, how to trot and then naturally how to get off the horse. Made a few mistakes but overall I think I did pretty well for my first day. The perfectionist that I am, it has to come naturally to me. Anyways jokes apart, the first day was super fun and I just can wait to other days of the camp. Till my next blog, Keep Riding!!!

June 21, 2009

Dear Dad, Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day. I wanted to express my love and gratitude to my father. I am doing in the way I know works best for me. I am writing this letter to him. I wish this letter does justice to my feelings for My Hero. Here wishing all the wonderful fathers in the world a very Happy Father's Day. Dad, we kids would not be anything if it were not for your love and support. Thanks for everything you do for us. Love, Love and Lots of Love.

Dear Dad,

Happy Father’s Day. Today and everyday of the year I would thank God for giving me the best father in the entire universe. I am the luckiest kid around. A father is a child’s hero, he is the one a child looks up to for inspiration and you are My Hero. You and Mom brought me in this beautiful world. You held my hand as I took the first steps in this world. Your touch always made me feel that I am safe; with you around I have nothing to fear. You took care of me, feed me, bathed me and sent me to dream lands in my sleep. You were my first teacher, you taught me about plants, animals, nature, people and life. On my first day to school, you came to leave me and make sure I was at home there. I still remember that first and last slap you gave me when I cried that I don’t want to go to school. Maybe that slap served as a lesson for me, a path to guide me on my future education. I feel that slap was your way of telling me the importance of education. The memories of you buying me every toy I laid my eyes on are still fresh in my heart. Every time I would say this is the last toy I will buy Dad, to which you would say remember this for the next time we are in the shop. But the next time never came, and you happily continued fulfilling my every desire. You never made any distinction between my brother and me. You always worked hard to give us the best in life. They say a father always has a soft corner for his daughter, and you are the epitome of that. I know well that I will always be my Daddy’s Little Angel.
Your life serves as an inspiration for me. You are a gem of a human being, you care for others more than you care for yourself. You have endured hardships at every stage in you life and through it you have emerged victorious always. That for me is the mark of a noble human being. I still remember how would help out any person who knocked on your door. I did not like that you help everyone because I felt that these people were just using you. But now I realize that you did it without any expectations and it is the good will of the people that was important for you. As they always say, when you help others the most important thing you can get in return is their heart felt blessings. I count my blessings everyday; thank the Almighty for making me your daughter.
You and Mom have made the journey of my life memorable. Every moment shared with you is precious. You unending love for me is truly amazing; you love me even when I am wrong. What more can I ask for. Baba, I am proud to be your daughter. I am proud that you are My Hero. You have given me everything that I have desired for and never asked anything in return. I wish to make you proud of me, as I am proud of you. That is my ultimate aim in this life. Today and every day of my life I pray to the Almighty to give you good health and all the success in life.



June 17, 2009

Experimental Self-Analysis

Seems like I am on a self-analysis phase on my birthday. As the saying goes, "As you grow older, you grow wiser." I don't know if I am getting wiser, but I am certainly thinking a lot more. I guess after some time you will always find me in the "thinking woman" pose. Anyways this experiment was done in our Art of Living course. We were made to answer a simple question "Who are you?" We had to answer with the first thing that came to our mind. I am going to reconstruct this here on the blog. This is just an attempt to define who I am. Good Luck knowing me!!!!

  • Who are You? I am Pallavi....
  • Who are You? I am a person who loves her parents
  • Who are You? I am a sister & friend to my brother
  • Who are You? I am my Nanaji's daughter.
  • Who are You? I am a person who loves her friends
  • Who are You? I am a person who defines her life not only by who she is but also by the people she loves
  • Who are You? I am a person who likes to dictate the terms of her life
  • Who are You? I am a person who lives in Mumbai
  • Who are You? I am Geminian
  • Who are You? I believe in Destiny.
  • Who are You? I am a person who follows her heart
  • Who are You? I am a person who doesn't like confrontations
  • Who are You? I am a person who believes in her sixth sense & gut feelings which are normally right
  • Who are You? I am person who believes that every human being as the brains to think what is right and wrong for him/her
  • Who are You? I love to write, always wish to pen down my thoughts
  • Who are You? I love to learn, learn about anything & everything in this universe and beyond. It can be about people, cultures, animals, stars, you name it and I would like to know about it.
  • Who are You? I am a happy go lucky person
  • Who are You? I am a person who would go crazy on a deserted island
  • Who are You? I am a person you would want to have with you if stranded on a deserted island
  • Who are You? I am person who stands up her loved ones in good and bad times
  • Who are You? I hate animal sacrifice in the name of God
  • Who are You? I am person who strongly lives by principles
  • Who are You? I just don't like driving. I would prefer to sit in the back seat relaxed while I am driven around
  • Who are You? I am a person who loves to talk, talk, talk
  • Who are You? I am person who loves to meet new & different people
  • Who are You? I am person who appreciates honesty & straight-forwardness
  • Who are You? I am a person who hates lies & liars
  • Who are You? I am a person who hates Hypocrites
  • Who are You? I am a person who loves adventure
  • Who are You? I am person who loves to laugh a lot
  • Who are You? I am person who loves to read, read and read
  • Who are You? I am person who loves to travel
  • Who are You? I am a person who loves to art and architecture
  • Who are You? I am a person who loves to listen to different kind of music
  • Who are You? I am person who would prefer a bike than a car
  • Who are You? I love romantic movies
  • Who are You? I am totally western wear person. Jeans & Tees work for me
  • Who are You? I love Bollywood music & Punjabi music
  • Who are You? I am a person who loves sports especially Cricket
  • Who are You? I love cooking when my mood permits
  • Who are You? I hate packaged and canned ready to eat food
  • Who are You? I am a person who loves Maggie
  • Who are You? I love walking in the rains
  • Who are You? I am a person who loves the winters and snow
  • Who are You? I am a hyper-organized person
  • Who are You? I am person who loves animals
  • Who are You? I am a person who has a very good sense of direction
  • Who are You? I am a cleanliness freak
  • Who are You? I am a person who believe in the sanctity of marriage
  • Who are You? I am a person who loves watching off-beat movies & theater shows
  • Who are You? I remember the good as well as the bad that people do to me
  • Who are You? I don't like people who make other people feel bad about themselves
  • Who are You? I am person who hates nagging
  • Who are You? I am a person wants to live in & travel to different parts of the world
  • Who are You? I am a person who loves mountains more than beaches
  • Who are You? I am a person who values honesty in a relationship and hate men and women who justify cheating in their relationship
  • Who are You? I am a person who gets very restless when caught in traffic
  • Who are You? I am a person who hates smoking
  • Who are You? I am a person who has interests in fashion & interiors
  • Who are You? I am a person who loves shopping
  • Who are You? I am a person who loves gadgets
  • Who are You? I am a person who does not go ga-ga over Actors & Actress
  • Who are You? I am a person who is a news-junkie
  • Who are You? I am a person who loves food,I don't care of cuisines it just has to be food
  • Who are You? I am person who loves black coffee
  • Who are You? I am person who loves to sleep
  • Who are You? I am person who cannot stand double-standards
  • Who are You? I am a person who who believes right & wrong are quiet relative terms and it totally depends on the judgment of the person
  • Who are You? I am a person who hates back-stabbers
  • Who are You? I hate eye-teasers
  • Who are You? I am person who believes in enjoying the journey of life and not worry over the final destination
  • Who are You? I am person who loves dark chocolates & cheese
  • Who are You? I am a person who loves learning new languages
  • Who are You? I am person who is addicted to the internet and phone
  • Who are You? I am a person who hates people who bitch & gossip
  • Who are You? I am person who loves interesting and heart-to-heart conversations
  • Who are You? I am a person who loves flowers
  • Who are You? I am a person who loves to give surprises and receive surprises
  • Who are You? I am a person who values her relationships
  • Who are You? I am a person who respects the thoughts of other people
  • Who are You? I am a person who lives by the motto "Live and Let Live"
  • Who are You? .......................................
This exercise took a lot out of me. I was surprised at some of my findings about myself. I like that I surprised myself too. But over all it was fun knowing myself. :)

Start of my New Year :)

You might be wondering why does my New Year start in the middle of the year!!! When the world is already looking towards the next year, why is my new year different from other people around. Because this is the day I came into this beautiful world. Today, is the day God decided to start my life in this world. New Year is normally a start of something new and what better day to make a new beginning than own birthday. Happy Birthday to Me!!!! :)
I want to take the opportunity today to thank everyone who has contributed to making me who I am. Starting with the Almighty, my Parents, my grandparents, my brother, my friends and every other person I have met in this lifetime who has contributed to my life. I would like to thank you all for making me who I am.
Life is full of ups and downs and I have faced my share of it. But when I hear about other people's life, I feel so belittled. People face adversaries of all kinds and still bounce back to life. If you ever want to experience the beauty of Human Spirit, just look carefully around and you will discover it. Life is truly wonderful and every day we can find people who make the most of their lives.
I thank my parents for making my life so so wonderful. For always supporting me through my good and bad times, never forcing anything on me. You are the best parents in the world. I am sorry if I hurt you intentionally or unintentionally. Sorry for ever wrong deed I have done. Thank you for loving me with all your heart. I know well that if I have to see The Almighty, I have to just look at you both and I know I am taken care of forever. A big thank you to my great brother. He is the most amazing person in my life. I feel I will be completely lost without him around. Thanks Bro for being who you are and supporting me always. You mean the world to me. This list of my loved ones would not be complete without my grandparents. It is because of their love and hard work which has contributed greatly to shaping my life. The love of grandparents is truly unconditional and it is this love which has shaped the most beautiful & memorable moments of my childhood. With Dada, Dadi & Nani not around, Nanaji it to you to whom I look for inspiration. I wish I had the time to tell my lost grandparents how much I love & respect them. This love note would not be complete without my friends. I am not going to mention any names, because I don't want to sound biased here. But my true friends will know that it about them that I am talking about. Without the love and support of my friends, I would never have withered the storms in my life. It is with these friends that I have shared my joys of life. Thank you my friends for making me part of your life.
I seriously feel like doing introspection of my life. I want to make a new beginning of my life. A life where there are no regret. I want to be happy and make my loved ones happy. I want to be a better person, amazing daughter, loving sister, obedient grand-daughter, friendlist friend, and a responsible citizen of this world. I know that I get this life only once, I should make the most of it. From today, this moment onwards I am going to strive to achieve my dreams. I will remember that my happiness is of atmost importance and I won't let any person in this world take undue advantage of my kindness. Every day, starting today, I will strive to excel. I will not feel bad over my mistakes, but I will learn from it and move on. Today, I will avoid saying the words "I am bored", "I can't do this", but I will always say "Yes!!! I can". I have decided that I will make plans for my life but won't be rigid in following them. I mean plans would be there to give direction to my life, but if the flow wants to take me somewhere else for good, I will not resist. Happy, Happy & Happy is all I am going to be. Live my dreams!!! Carpe Diem!!!

June 6, 2009

30 best foodie joints in Mumbai

Off the top of my head, here are the 30 places I love going back again and again to satisfy my taste buds. All you Mumbaikars are welcome to make your own addition to this list.

  1. Elco Pani Puri, Bandra (W) - for what else but the famous Pani Puri & also some awesome chat.
  2. Shri Krishna Vada Pav, Dadar (W) - go here to try out Mumbai's all time favorite dish, Vada Pav
  3. Sardar Pav Bhaji, Nana Chowk - the mouth watering Pav Bhaji covered with dallops of butter.
  4. Merwan's Bakery, Andheri (W) - Try out the different kind of puffs, variety of breads and cakes for the sweet tooth.
  5. Mani's Lunch Home, Matunga (C.R.) - Drop by for a morning breakfast of amazing south indian food.
  6. Trishna, Fort - For all you sea food lovers, this places is a must try.
  7. Mocha's, Juhu - Coffee and Conversations with your friends.
  8. Bade Miyan, Colaba - If you are complete non-veg freak and love Kababs, don't forget to eat your to your heart's content here.
  9. Gaylord, Churchgate - try out the Bakery shop attached to this restaurant.
  10. Cannon Pav Bhaji, CST - As the name suggests, the Pav Bhaji here is for you to try and know what you have been missing uptil then.
  11. Jay Sandwich, Bandra (W) - treat your taste buds to the sandwiches here.
  12. Rajdhani, Crawford Market - Pure Veg Rajasthani Thali.
  13. Swati Snacks, Tardeo - home-style, pure vegetarian eatery. You will be spoilt for choices here.
  14. Bachelor's Juice Center, Girguam Chowpatty - Must try if you love to try different kind of juices.
  15. Haji Ali Juice Center, Haji Ali - This one again is famous with Mumbaikars for the array of lip-smacking juices served here.
  16. D. P's, Matunga - Favorite with college crowd, you can try our anything from Indian, Chinese to continental food, all with Indian's touch added.
  17. Cream Centre, Girgaum Chowpatty - try out this place and you will know why I have it here on this list. The food here is awesome.
  18. Shetty's, Andheri (W) - Awesome Chinese food, complete college hangout.
  19. Yokos Sizzlers - go here for what but mouth - watering sizzlers.
  20. Juhu Chowpatty Food joints - Golas & Chaats, Mumbai Style.
  21. Tibbs Frankie, Lokandwala - You want to try out frankies, this is the place to go.
  22. Just around the Corner, Bandra (W) - Hog, Hog and Hog on plate full of awesome food.
  23. New Yorkers, Girgaum - Awesome Mexican food.
  24. Snow Point, Breach Candy - Try out the big serving of ice-creams in waffle cones. You will not need food for the whole day after having ice-creams here.
  25. Mainland China, Saki Naka - One of the best Chinese food in town.
  26. Meals at Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple, Juhu - I know that you should go to the temple to pray but the meals served in the temple to the devotees is amazing.
  27. Marine Plaza, Marine Drive - Go here for the mid-night buffet.
  28. Khau Galli, Churchgate - Fast food on the go.
  29. Urban Tadka, 7 Bunglows - Punjabi food fanatics go here.
  30. Delhi Darbar, Colaba - The best tandoori food in town.

June 2, 2009

Start of New Experience - Art of Living

Today was the first day of my Art of Living workshop. I have been wanting to do this workshop for a long time. My bro had done this and he speaks highly of his experience at this workshop. For some or the other reason, I could never attend a workshop. But this time, it was right near my house so I thought this is my best chance. Hence I registered for it. I am not a morning person, I hate getting up in the morning but I got the morning batch of 6-9 precisely for this reason. I wanted to go that extra mile for this workshop. I got up at 5 and was there on time. Wow!!! I surprised myself by getting up so early. Anyways Ms. Shashi Garg is out instructor. At the start of the session, we had a introduction round where we talked about who we are, what we do and what are our interests. Then we were split into 2 groups. We choose a teacher as our leader. We were taught breathing techniques and yoga asanas. I never realized how relaxed you feel by just concentrating on our breathing. At the end of the session, my mind and body was completely relaxed and fresh for the day. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow.