August 2, 2009

My Best Pals

This blog is dedicated to my friends. Friends who are close to my heart and who have been the true friends in my life. I treasure their friendship and love them for being there for me. Today, for some reason I was inspired to write about them here. You can call all of them my best friends.

S.S.: My all time favorite person and best bud since school times. I forgot to add she is the most amazing person I know. S.S. is very strong-minded and she knows what she wants. She can be a very traditional bahu and still maintain her identity of a today’s women. Despite the distance that has always separated us, she has stood by me, been there for me whenever I need a friend. Now, she has given me the most beautiful person in my life, my angel.

M.Z.: She is part of the original girl gang. Me, M.Z., S.G. & P.C. have been together since junior college days. M.Z. I have known since school times but were never good friends then. Darn! I regret it so much! I wish she had walked in my life earlier. Anyways now that she is here I am not letting her go anywhere. If you ever want to go looking for inspiration then M.Z. is the person where your search stops. She is a loving, determined person always approaching everything with a zest of energy that might just leave you wondering.

S.G.: The original chatter box and the guru of M.Z., me & P.C. She is smart, funny and intelligent. I always love our heart to heart conversations. She patiently listens to whatever I have to say, and give me the honest advice. She can be a very strong-willed person and achieves her targets. She always knows the right things to say to me; she knows well what’s going on in my mind. It’s like she can read it. She can match my craziness along with M.Z. & P.C. We have had endless chats about any random talk, without making sense and still enjoyed every bit of it. She is one heck of an awesome friend.

P.C.: She is the nice girl amongst the 4 of us. She has been at the receiving end of all our leg-pulling and she has taken each one of it with the best sense of humour. Mind you she is very good at even giving it all back, every little penny! She is the girl with the golden heart, never seems to want to hurt anyone and that’s why she is such a sweetheart. I still can’t forget my first meeting with her, she sitting like a sweet girl, when she visited my place with her cousin. I thought she was the quietest & simplest girl. She is right on the simple part, but quiet…Oh no!!!! I was so wrong and I am happy that I was wrong. She one heck entertainer and I love you P.C. for being you.

P.V.: I call her my Di. She is the angel in the disguise of my best friend. She is the most wonderful friend and sister I could ever ask for. She has stuck by me like a fevicol for the last 11 years. The distance has never made a difference; I always know that whenever I want a friend, she is around. She is an artist in a disguise of a techie. She has a smile that can cure you of your darkest pains. She is a level-headed person who has always given me the most sound advice whenever I have needed her. She is passionate about things that she does and excels in whatever she does. She is the angel of my life and I am blessed to have her as my friend.

N.V.: So I finally a guy has made entry into this list. I met N.V. during the first year of my engineering days. I distinctly remember talking to him on his birthday. That was the start of our beautiful friendship. We always have a cat and mouse relationship, just like Tom & Jerry. We always fight, we argue but I know he is still my most dependable friend. I still remember our famous fights in college; we would fights like small kids and then patch up also like kids. There is innocence of children in our friendship at times and the maturity of adults at times. He is caring, loving and a true friend. We have gone from being just friends to best friends and I have truly cherished this journey.

A.J.: A.J. has been my pillar of support during my life in USA. I met his as a total stranger who had joined with me in my University; the journey that began in 2004 with a casual meet has now become a friendship I truly value. In an unknown land, he was the person I could always rely on. He has made me smile when I needed to, supported me through all my problems and always had the rock-solid patience to listen to my problems. He has been my support system, always there to tell me when I am wrong or right. We both have shared some amazing moments in USA that I will cherish forever.

U.S.: I call U.S. my perfect girlfriend. She is super cool, sexy, loving, caring, intelligent & totally independent. We have shared our good and bad times together and with each passing day our friendship grows stronger. As friends we have talked for hours, bitched about others, shopped like crazy, had awesome tiramisu all over NYC, supported each other through our tough times, enjoyed our good times and become the bestest of friends. She is the girl, I have gone from thinking as a total spoil brat to someone I have come to love and adore as a person.

N.C.: I can actually see N.C. falling down from his chair, just at the sight of his name here. I bet he is thinking I have written this post half-sleep but no it’s true. This creature I met just more than few years back as an acquaintance and whom I came to know well about more than a year back has become one of my closest friends. I have come to depend him on as a friend, we fight like we are enemies but we both know we are always there for each other. He is a person with whom I have countless arguments, discussions with no end in sight. We would sit for hours discussing something and the only way the discussion or argument would end was that we both we tired & had to call it a day. N.C. is a crazy guy, that’s how I would describe him. He can do endless bakwas without making any sense and at times talk like a total mature person. I can just say that, love him or hate him you cannot ignore him. Just happy that our paths crossed in this lifetime and I look forward to a lifetime of friendship with him.

S.R.: S.R. is my Rockstar!!! She is my alter ego, my better half and my partner in crime. Let me think what all we have in common; love for shopping, talking, books, movies, food, coffee, cheesecake, adventure, and the list goes on. But the love that is above all this is the love we have for each other as friends. She is a totally amazing person who is never judgmental of any of things I do or share. She will first be my friend, hear me out and then tell me the right thing to do. I miss the days when we both would go around NYC exploring new places for coffees and cheesecakes or how we would try and control each other from shopping but end up letting each other just a small thing. She has a child-like innocence in her words and actions; which makes me love her even more. Our endless conversations, on anything & everything under the sun; conversations to which there was no end to. She is a friend, a sister and best pal for me.

D.A.: D.A. is my oldest and the closest pal in this whole world. He has been my best pal from the times when I did not even know what a friend is. He came into my life when I was just a tiny kid and has been my closest companion in this world. Technically speaking, he is my younger brother but he has always been a brother and a best pal, all in one. My best and most fond memories are all shared with him, he knows my thoughts better than I do, he knows me like a best pal should know his friend. He is the best thing that has happened to me in this lifetime and I will always thank the Almighty for giving me the blessing that I call D.A.

These guys are my bestest pals. Without them, I would not have been where I am. I thank my stars that these special people are part of my life. I am truly blessed to have them as my best pals.


shradhagavankar said...

very nostalgic....reminds me of all good times (especially conversations ;) ) we ve had so far...gonna miss ya a lot!! keep writing more n more n more....btw now m an official follower of ur blog!!
n cheers for the gang gal!!
always keep in touch!!
rock on!!

Narainder said...

"I look forward to a lifetime of friendship with him"...You are asking for too much...aaj kal itni senti kyu ho rahi hain...kya mausam ka rang badalne laga?