April 29, 2009

Finally I got my voter card!!!

Yipeeeeee!!!!! I finally got my voter card. It feels great to get the voter card. I have braved the crowds, stood in lines, gone from pole to post and finally have secured the card. And the best part is that I will be able to use it when I go for voting on 30th April 2009.

I have braved lines like this. This is just a trailer. The actual movie is what I had to go through with the people at the election office. But then it was all worth it as I got the card before I cast my vote. I would suggest every responsible citizen of India to get a voter card. It just makes us some what more responsible citizen of this country. Trust me when I say that our country does need more responsible citizens. This is just a small step but then you have to start with baby steps before you make that giant leap. I know it will be some trouble but trust me the feeling in the end is just great. I forgot all the troubles I took to get the card and in the end the feeling of complete satisfaction was what I felt.

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