May 17, 2009

India elected an Indian Prime Minister

Yesterday the results of Indian elections were declared and the people of India gave clear mandate for its next government. The people voted for the government they felt best represented their interests. We did not vote for a dalit Prime Minister, Maharastrian Prime Minister or Extremist Prime-Minister. The people voted a person they thought best suited for this job. A person who is humble and intelligent at the same time. A person who can give direction to the country and would not divide the country on basis of castes or religion.
The Prime Minister has be an unifying factor. A person who works like an umbrella encompassing all the people working under him and work together for the betterment of the country. It is about creating an image that you do really care for the people and are genuinely interested in working for the people. This person has to convey to the people that he has the ability and the desire to work for the betterment of the people; he has to be a true leader. If people see those qualities in someone, they would naturally support him or her.
In our country, the people do not hold the leaders in high esteem. Politicians are seen as corrupt and opportunistic; people who knock on our doors just once in 5 years to ask for votes. Once the elections are over we would never get to see them ever again for next 5 years. There are few people who have a clean image in politics and very very few who actually connect with the people. Politicians who connect with the people are truely successful as the leaders. People put their trust and faith in such leaders and people feel that this person will really work for the benefit of the people. Maybe that person would not be able to fulfill all his promises, but if people know that their is a degree of genuinty in his efforts, people will give him time to work for them. I feel that people saw this image in Dr. Manmohan Singh. Dr. Singh comes across as a accidental politician who is has the supreme power in the country yet he is completely humble. He is an intelligent man who seems to work tirelessly for the welfare of the people. In this election, lot of people from the opposition seem to take advantage of him being a soft-spoken person. His image was bounced all across like a football and every image was made to tarnish his image in the eyes of the general public. He was called a weak Prime-Minister, people said he never took decision on his own, etc, etc. People of India have a certain image of Dr. Singh and it seems like this did not go well with the people. His mannerism appeals to the people, his simplicity attracts people and gives him a clean image. People seem to believe Dr. Singh and the politicians who were trying to malign his image. These politicians could have picked up the issues they had with the government and its policies. If they would have talked about the real issues, people might have listened to them. The people need to hear substance from their politicians, not empty noises. Every political party has to understand this core value. Enough of this back-bikkering and petty politics. It is time for the politicians to rise above this and become true leaders who will work together to take India forward.
People have given their verdict. We want politics of real issues. We want our government and leaders of opposition to work together. If their are disagreements between them then they should amiably resolve it for the good of the citizens of India. We don't want a Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Sikh Prime-Minister; We don't want a Prime-Minister from UP, Maharastra, Punjab , Tamil Nadu or any other region of India.We want an Indian Prime-Minister.

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