May 16, 2009

Mandate of People

The elections results are still coming in but I couldn't resist coming here and sharing my thoughts. For the past few weeks I was religiously following the elections. The only channels on my TV were news channels. All the predictions were for a hung parliament. No one believed that any party or should I say coalition would get a clear majority. In wake of this projection all parties are started talking to each other for post-poll alliances. There was hard bargaining going on behind the scene to see who can get what out of this situation. Political parties were coming out in the open and saying we are going to bargain for better share of benefits if we have to support the big parties to form the government. It was all game of taking advantage of the situation to your maximum benefit, something which is a slap on the democracy of our country. This is not real democracy. This is just dirty politics shooting its head up and opportunist people trying to fill their sacks with goodies. But guess what it is again the victory of the people of India. The people have spoken; they want a stable government. They have said that nothing doing, we are mature enough to decide whom we want as our government and we are telling you through our votes that stop this political business and get down to running the country efficiently.
I don't support any political party, I am just talking as a citizen of this country. I am a concerned citizen and would like to believe a mature voter who is saddened by what she sees going on in the politics of India. I was hoping that the people of India vote for a stable government. It can be any party but that party should get its complete 5 years to implement its policies and programs. There should be no one taking advantages or holding the alliances to ransom just to gain benefits from the situation of the government. I believe there are lot more people like that in this country and they have voted for stability.
I feel the people of India has voted against politics of revenge, hooliganism, hate speeches, negative speeches and religious fascism. The people are happy to get the government back if they deliver. It is not just about central government but also very important is the performance of the state governments. It happens that if the people are satisfied with the state government then they might just vote for the same party even in the parliamentary elections. The people are telling the government what they feel but sadly no one is the power is ready to listen. If the leaders listen to the people they will know the secret formula of winning and then they might not have to get involved in petty politics. The winning formula is simple; if you work for the people, the people would vote for you. The people of the country need to trust what you are saying and if they do they will be happy to bring you back. But the truth is if the politicians start listening to people they will not have time to play their political games, they would not be able to go one up against each other or try and show their counterparts who the "winner" is.
The people of any country just want their governments to work for their development. I just want my government to have a simple mantra "Peace and Development for the people", that is all I am asking for. The development I want is not just in urban or rural areas. Like Mahatma Gandhiji said that the true India resides in its villages. We need development of the farmers, there should be no farmer committing suicide and every house should to self-satisfied. Then only can we have a developed country. I want to urge the people in power, to please stop being politicians and become leaders that will lead India into a brighter future. We have given you the drawing board to paint the picture of new India, now it is upto you all to paint this picture on behalf of the people of this country.

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