May 26, 2009

Writing to the Author whose book I loved

Whenever I love any book, I always wish there would be some way I could tell the author how much I loved reading his or her book. I never end up doing it. But this was my new thing for today. I recently finished reading the book "Stranger to History" by Aatish Taseer. I love this book. As the book say, "It is a son's journey through Islamic land". The author takes you an a journey through different Islamic cultures. In every country he encounters different facets of the culture. His journey is such that the reader feels part of it. I felt a strange bond with his character. I believe each of us is in search of something in life. We spent lifetime trying to figure out what it is. Even if we know what it is we never go in the search of discovering this thing; the discover which will give a new meaning to our life. But here is a person who took up on himself to take this journey. He decided that he is not going to spend his life just thinking about it. He wanted to really know who his father is and what makes him the person he is. His journey took him through the heart of Islamic land. I felt I was part of this journey in someway. I wanted to tell all this the author. For the first time, I wanted to tell author how I loved his book and how it has made a difference to me. This time I just din't think about it but actually acted on it. Somehow I found his email and wrote to him. I told him how much I loved his book. And guess what he wrote back to me. So the new thing for today was a success. Look forward to tomm.


Janaaaa said...

really good to hear that you got a reply back from the author.

Pallavi said...

thanks. It was great to hear from the author.